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Hidden Jewels of Mustang

On the southern side of headquarter of Mustang i.e., Jomsom Bazaar and at the lap of Nilgiri Himal, lies a beautiful village Thini. The Thakali settlement lying in Gharpjong Rural Municipality has 100 houses. Thini has joined shoulders with Jomsom (2862m). Its combination of nature, culture and history…… can be called hidden Jewells of Mustang. Thini has good production of vegetables. Villagers are hardworking spending sweat and toil in their fields. Now a days there is a campaign of converting this village as the tourist destination. There are many heritages to visit in this area. Dhumba Taal Lake is just half an hour far from the village. One can reach Kuchhap Teranga Gompa in 45 minutes, Gharpzhong Fort in 20 minutes, Yarujhu View Point in 3 hours, Leopard cave in 10 minutes, Namku Lekh in 7 hours, Tilicho Lake in 2 days, hike to Muktinath in 1 day, Marpha Village in 3 hours, Kausang camp in 3 hours and Community Apple Garden in just 45 minutes. Kausang Camp is under Nepalese Army. The Army had defeated Tibetan Khampa rebels in 1975 A.D. Now these days army has use the camp for High Altitude Training. To increase the tourist in Thini, we need to brand trekking route which passes through Meso Kanto Bhanjyang and the trekking routes around Mustang. There is no lodging facilities around Meso Kanto Base Camp. We need to open hotels/tea houses here and then only we can brand this route as Nilgiri trekking route. Thini lies as the alternate trek route for Annapurna Area. Since, there is road from Jomsom to Muktinath, trekkers pass through Lubra to Dhumba Taal Lake to reach Marpha village. Internal tourists also visit Thini regularly. The villagers serve nice food and friendly hospitality. There are 3 hotels in the village – Hotel Tilicho Peak, Hotel Nilgiri View and Hotel Royal Villages. Similarly there are 8 homes serving community homestay facilities. It is better to stay at least one night at Thini while travelling to Muktinath and Lo-Manthang. This has three fold benefits. Firstly, one can enjoy the beauty of Thini. Secondly, fooding and lodging is economical and thirdly, it helps for enhancement of rural economy. Muktinath temple is 22 km away from Jomsom. After travelling 11 km one can reach Kagbeni. 11 km road from Kagbeni to Muktinath has been black topped. Thini is 24 km away from Muktinath. One can reach to Lo-Manthang from Thini in 1 day on a Jeep drive. How to reach: Kathmandu – Beni 282 km, 9 hours’ drive. Beni – Jomsom 75 km, 6 hours’ bus drive or 18 minutes flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. Jomsom – Thini 2 km. Thini is accessed via road hence one can take Jeep or motorbike to the village or reach from Jomsom to Thini within 30 minutes on foot.

Tips For Thini

ट्राभल टिप्स​

– मुस्ताङ चिसो ठाउँ भएकाले न्याना कपडा, माकल टोपी, पानी बोतल, क्यामेरा, सन ग्लास, कोल्ड क्रिम आदि साथमा बोक्ने । – ठिनी उचाईमा रहेको गाउँ भएकाले सुस्तरी हिँड्ने । बेलाबेलामा पानी पिउने । झोलिलो कुरा बढी पिउने । होमस्टे तथा होटलको परिकारमा रमाउने, परम्परागत लोकल खानेकुरा चाख्ने । – होमस्टेमा बस्ने गरी जाँदा घाम नअस्ताउँदै गाउँमा पुग्ने । तरकारी केलाउन, पकाउन वा अन्य घरायसी काममा होस्ट परिवारलाई सघाउने । राती अबेरसम्म बसेर होहल्ला नगर्ने । – स्थानीय कला, संस्कृति र जीवनशैलीको सम्मान गर्ने । – ठिनी वर्षैभरि घुम्न सकिन्छ । जानु अघि त्यहाँको मौसमको आबश्यक जानकारी लिने ।